Музыка из Симпсонов. Часть 7.

Обновлено: 9 октября 2013
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Эксклюзивные музыкальные композиции от разработчиков шоу «Симпсоны». Актеры заговорят голосами ваших любимых персонажей: Гомер и Мардж Симпсон, Барт и Лиза, Ральф и Милхаус, Нельзон и Джимбо, и многие другие герои анимационного шоу.

  • Я люблю гулять

    Текст песни

    Homer: I like to walk down the avenue
    Bust a move with Disco Stu
    Stu: You shake me from my bootie to my fro
    Homer: Yes I strut down the boulevard
    Burning off my excess lard
    I rarely feel the need to utter D’oh!
    Top o’ the mornin’ ladies!
    Patty: Bite us.
    Homer: I can walk from Springfield to Alaska
    Then hop out with the stars in Malibu
    Steve: Hi Homer, I’m actor Steve Buscemi
    Homer: The guy who got fed into the wood-chipper in Fargo?
    Homer: And when I hear:
    Turkmen: You can’t walk to Turkmenistan!
    Homer: I say of course I can — screw you
    (The Turkmen brandish knives)
    Steve: Hey, would you guys like tickets to the Independent Film Awards?
    Turkmen: Would we!?
    Homer: Oh I love to perambulate
    It’s standing still I really hate
    So let me please reiterate
    I love to— (Marge runs him over) D’oh!!

  • Я и ты снова (Марджори)

    Текст песни

    Browne: You hooked up in high school
    Now you’ve come so far
    Then you started to hate him
    And hit him with your car
    Homer: So I threw you a fancy banquet
    And now you can’t stay mad
    How bout a make-up snuggle?
    It would be so rad
    (Homer and Marge make up)
    Browne: …when you turned out the light
    I’ve got to hand it to me
    It looks like it’s me and you again tonight

  • Я их королева (The President Wore Pearls)

    Текст песни

    Teachers: Eyes, pearls, smile, hair points Dress, voice, shoes, swatch watch
    Lisa: I may be the new girl
    But you can’t brainwash me
    Just OshKosh B’Gosh me
    And then leave me be
    To fight for kid power
    I must be heard not seen
    I have to lead wisely
    Not just primp and preen.
    Teachers: Nails, pimples, ears, scrunchie Purse, lunch box, teeth, Milhouse
    Lisa: This cuting-up suits me
    There’s beauty within me
    So let’s Olsen Twin me
    Give them someone to love
    This grown-up makeover
    Has made me a super tween
    For they are my people
    And I am their queen.

  • Злой план Скинера (The President Wore Pearls)

    Текст песни

    Skinner: I’m so happy with my evil plan
    Say goodbye to music, gym and art
    Soon we will have the perfect school
    Where fun and excitement never start.
    Willy: I’m so drunk I can barely see
    But it helps me get through another day
    My stomach is filled with haggis and ham
    I’ve gotta go puke in some hay.
    Bart: Lisa is a fool
    Skinner: I think the rules are cool
    Willy: I’m falling in the pool!

  • Танго вдвоем (The President Wore Pearls)

    Текст песни

    Lisa: What have I done?
    Bart: What they wanted you to
    Lisa: Skinner betrayed me
    Bart: But a tango takes two.

  • Smart Girl Six Three (The President Wore Pearls)

    Текст песни

    Kids: Poor Lisa! poor Lisa!
    Lisa: Don’t cry for me kids of Springfield
    You can still reach me through email
    At smartgirl six three
    Underscore backslash
    At yahoo dot com
    At yahoo dot com!

  • Мисс Крабапл (My Big Fat Geek Wedding)

    Текст песни

    (Choir consists of Bart, Milhouse and Martin)
    Choir: Oh Edna K, oh Edna K, oh Edna K, oh Edna K
    Oh Edna K, oh Edna K, oh Edna K, oh Edna K
    Skinner: Miss Krabappel, a sad principal
    Is desperate and needy
    If you come home I won’t die alone
    And that’s what I’d prefer
    Bart: Oh pleeeeease
    Settle for Seymour
    So pleeeeease
    Come back to the dork.

  • Bart’s Hip Hop song (Pranksta Rap)

    Текст песни

    Bart: Don’t critique my technique
    I’m no geek
    I make the Principal nervous
    My friends can confirm this
    I’ll bust a spit wad in your epidermis.
    You can trace my remorse to its super-sized source
    A hungry, hungry hypocrite named Homer of course
    My old man’s pathetic
    Damn is his head thick
    The gas from his ass is carcinogenic
    Every day I pray his DNA ain’t genetic.

  • Добро пожаловать к Мо (Mommie Beerest)

    Текст песни

    Marge: This place is a diamond but it’s trapped in the rough
    Moe: Well the sign still says Moe’s, so enough of your guff
    Marge: Here’s my new idea to sell both beer and grub
    We will turn this filthy dive into a proper old-time British pub
    Bart & Lisa: Guards, and meat pies, and lager in pint glasses
    What a classy way to get drunk off your asses
    Moe: Hey hold the phone, and English pub? That just might work.
    Everyone: In song!
    Moe: My bar could be British instead of arm-pittish
    So why don’t we all—
    Ah screw it, let’s get renovating.

  • Я пою о Спрингфилде(A Star Is Torn)

    Текст песни

    Lisa: I’ve been to Paris, and London, and Tokyo town
    But one crazy ‘burg has ’em all beat hands down!
    Sideshow Mel: Jacksonville?
    Lisa: I’m talkin’ Springfield — you can buy chimichangas
    Talkin’ Springfield — the chicks have big gazongas
    There’s tires on fire, a guy named Apu
    And Skinner, and Grampa, and old Disco Stu
    Did I forget to mention you?
    Lenny: You? That’s me!
    Lisa: I’m talkin’ Springfield, where nobody sucks
    (quietly) Except for Flanders…

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