Музыка из Симпсонов. Часть 8.

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Очередная порция интересных и заводных песен от любимых персонажей из самого длинного в мире анимационного сериала «The Simpsons».

  • Моя Китти умерла (A Star Is Torn)

    Текст песни

    Lisa: My kitty died on Christmas Eve
    Daddy told me to be brave
    But instead of singing carols
    I was digging Snowball’s grave.

  • Мой папа навсегда (A Star Is Torn)

    Текст песни

    Lisa: I’m in the final two, I should be happy
    But al I want to do is spend more time with my pappy
    Now that you’re gone, Dad, I miss you so much
    And your threats against teamsters and techies and such
    Your management style was like Attila the Hun
    You were vicious, malicious, but you got the job done
    I’m sorry I hurt you, but please don’t be sad
    You’re no longer my coach, but you’re always my Dad.

  • Привилегированный мальчик (A Star Is Torn)

    Текст песни

    Cameron: I’m a privileged boy, it’s great I gotta tell ya
    Privileged boy, my Dad can buy and sell ya
    It really doesn’t matter that you’re on the list in front of me
    I’m gonna get your table ’cause I always tip the maitre d’
    And then I’ll go to Yale, because I am a legacy
    I’m better than you!

  • Политически некорректный (That 90’s Show)

    Текст песни

    Homer: Pain is brown
    Hate is white
    Love is black
    Stab the night
    Kingdom of numb
    Closet of hurt
    Feelings are dumb
    Kisses are dirt

  • Shave Me (That 90’s Show)

    Текст песни

    Homer: Razor-blade of apathy
    Shave me with your irony
    Shave me!
    Shave me!

  • Brain Freeze (That 90’s Show)

    Текст песни

    Weird Al: Raisin bran with apple sauce
    Tony Danza, he’s the boss
    Brain freeze!
    Brain freeze!
    Brain freeze!
    Brain freeze!

  • Margerine (That 90’s Show)

    Текст песни

    Homer: Spread yellow gunk
    On my pancake heart
    Country-churned girl
    In my grocery cart
    I paid for her dreams
    She taught me to cry
    Like watery knives
    Like rain from my eyes
    I can’t believe you’re not mine
    I can’t believe you’re not mine

  • Девушка, которую я люблю (Little Orphan Millie)

    Текст песни

    Homer: The girl I love’s got beautiful hair
    A blue bouffant from here to there
    Snow White teeth, her lips are red
    She’s the Wilma to my Fred
    Oh the girl I love’s got beautiful (gasp) eyes
    When happy they sparkle, when sad they cries
    Those eyes are gems beyond appraisal
    A stunning shade of purest…

  • В любую минуту (Love, Springfieldian Style)

    Текст песни

    (Sung by dog versions of Simpsons characters)
    Marge: Any minute now
    He’ll scamper through that doggie door
    Homer: Any minute now
    I’ll be the dog she’s looking for
    Barflies: Any minute now
    You’ll be stuck with her brood
    Patty/Selma: Any minute now
    This pooch will know she’s screwed
    Marge: My heart tells me to trust him
    Patty/Selma: But your head knows he’s a hound
    Homer: I want to do the right thing
    Moe: Come on, with all this high class tail around?
    Fleas: Any minute now
    Our girl will make a brand new start
    Patty/Selma: Yes!
    Marge: Any minute now
    I won’t care that he broke my heart
    Homer/Marge: Any minute now

  • Deadbeat Daddy (Papa Don’t Leech)

    Текст песни

    Lurleen Lumpkin: I was cryin’ in my cradle
    When my daddy hopped a train
    He left a hole in my heart
    And filled it up with pain
    I know no amount of liqour
    Will sooth my aching ticker
    ‘Cause the love for my deadbeat daddy
    Is still pumping through my veins.

  • Папа, вернись (Papa Don’t Leech)

    Текст песни

    Lurleen Lumpkin: Thirty years you made me cry
    But now I see ya ain’t such a bad guy
    I haven’t felt this good since the Lord knows when
    And I’m sure you got a million reasons
    For being gone a hundred twenty seasons
    But Daddy’s back and I’m feeling like a daughter again
    All: Yeah Daddy’s back!
    Lurleen Lumpkin: And I’m feeling like a daughter
    All: Daddy’s back!
    Bart: And she’s feeling like she oughta
    All: Daddy’s back!
    Royce Lumpkin: And he’s drinking bottled water
    Lisa: Keep it down! I’m reading Harry Potter
    Marge: My body washes Estee Lauder
    All: Daddy’s back and I’m feeling like a daughter again!
    Grampa: And here comes Grampa with an otter!

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