Музыка из Симпсонов. Часть 9.

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Представляем набор музыкальных композиций и фраз из различных эпизодов мультсериала «Симпсоны». Многие фанаты сериала их уже слышали, ну а новичкам они должны понравиться.

  • Max Power (из эпизода «Homer to the Max»)

    Текст песни

    Homer: Max Power
    He’s the man who’s name you’d love to touch
    But you mustn’t touch!
    His name sounds good in your ear
    But when you say it, you mustn’t fear!
    ‘Cause his name can be said by anyone!

  • Simpsons Christmas Boogie (эпизод «Behind The Laughter»)

    Текст песни

    Family: We’re gonna groove tonight
    We’ll make you feel alright —
    Simpsons Christmas Boogie!
    We’re dancing to the beat
    We’ll make you move your feet —
    Simpsons Christmas Boogie!
    Simpsons Christmas Boogie!
    Simpsons Christmas Boogie!

  • Mama Took Those Batteries (эпизод «Treehouse of Horror IX»)

    Текст песни

    Mama took those batteries
    She took ’em away
    Mama took those batteries
    Size double-A.

  • I Like Pizza (эпизод «Guess Who’s Coming to Criticize Dinner?»)

    Текст песни

    Homer: I like pizza, I like bagels
    I like hotdogs with mustard and beer
    I’ll eat eggplant, I could even eat a baby deer
    Who’s that baby deer on the lawn?

  • This Log (эпизод «Lisa The Treehugger»)

    Текст песни

    Singers: This log is your log
    This log is my log
    When lightning struck it
    It kicked the bucket!
    Moe: I poured some onions
    inside my trousers
    Singers: This log, it used to be a tree
    Now it spreads love to you and me
    Hey look, it’s heading out to sea!

  • Hunger Pains (эпизод «Голодный, голодный Гомер»)

    Текст песни

    Homer: Dancin’ away my hunger pains
    Movin’ my feet so my stomach won’t hurt
    I’m kinda like Jesus
    But not in a sacrificial way.

  • Я Генрих 8 (эпизод «Margical History Tour»)

    Текст песни

    Homer: I’m Henry the eighth, I am
    Henry the eighth, I am I am
    I’ve been eating since six a.m
    For dessert I’ll have dinner again
    My name’s synonymous with gluttony
    I’ll always eat a turkey or a ham.

  • Back-rub (эпизод «That 90’s Show»)

    Текст песни

    (Homer, Lenny, Carl and Lou sing.)
    I’ll make rub to you
    Show respect for you
    Hug so safe and strong
    Back rub all night long
    I’ll make rub to you…

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